Gardens Castle Trauttmansdorff | THE Destination in Merano

The Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff in Merano

If Merano is worth seeing, these enchanting gardens are even worthier of a visit.

There’s no getting around it: A visit to the gardens – as the locals simply call them – is an obligatory stop on your South Tyrol holidays. If possible, every year again, because it is almost impossible to satiate the eye on so much variety.

Where Empress Sissi once sauntered, today more than 80 garden landscapes from all over the world await you: Mediterranean sun gardens, water and terrace gardens, forest gardens... The landscapes of South Tyrol display a living cross sections of what thrives south of the Alps.
The result: more than 3,000 plant species on 12 acres. A wonder of colours and scents. In the middle of this small paradise sits Castle Trauttmansdorff. It once gave refuge to the Empress and today it hosts the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, which conveys, with much wit and self-irony, more than 200 years of tourism history in Tyrol.

The Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff - THE destination in Merano.

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