Plants | Garden at Hotel Wiesenhof in Lagundo - South Tyrol

Mediterranean Diversity and Alpine Greenery

An enchanting hotel garden

Sunny and mild, the climate of Merano and Environs offers optimal conditions for the luscious growth of many botanic beauties, among them several Mediterranean species and even some exotic plants. A few of these can also be admired at Hotel Wiesenhof’s garden

Look what’s growing here...!

Merano – a botanical sweet spot

Merano lies at the intersection of north and south also when it comes to the climate: mild winters, warm spring and autumn days, together with plenty of fresh spring water from the surrounding mountains are the ingredients for the abundant plant growth that distinguishes Merano. The interplay of Mediterranean diversity and deep green of the landscape is also characteristic of the garden at Hotel Wiesenhof in Lagundo. From palms to cypresses, many plants thrive here that usually only grow hundreds of kilometres further south. Lavender, camellias, oleander and almond trees are only a few of the southern types that feel perfectly at home in our garden. Or the rare California laurel which can also be found on the promenade in Merano. How extraordinarily well plants grow here is demonstrated by our ancient trees: the impressive tulip tree which towers above the hotel, the magnificent magnolia stellata, or the wonderful Amur maple.

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