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Chef of Good Taste

Mr. Fedrigotti and culinary brilliance

Klaus Fedrigotti, our chef at Hotel Wiesenhof for 20 years, has very special ideas. And how good they taste! He creates innovative dishes, with passion and attention to detail, for a fresh taste that combines the finest Tyrolean tradition with modern cuisine.

Mastermind of Advanced Culinary Art

Our chef: a culinary virtuoso

The nonchalance typical of the people of Lake Caldaro is evident in the unrestrained joy with which our chef combines diverse aromas on the plate. He creates with what the season and the availability of fresh ingredients dictate, with one foot firmly planted in the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine and the other in the field of international gastronomic trends. And always with the Mediterranean cuisine at the back of his mind, a constant source of inspiration with its tasty, light dishes. The result are the much praised menus at Hotel Wiesenhof, which are a feast for the palate as well as the eye.
To quote our chef: “It is extremely important that every dish be an experience for the taste buds as well as the eye. You can only achieve both if every element of the process is artisanal.”
Klaus Fedrigotti, maître de cuisine, certified dietary chef and sommelier.

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