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Light Pleasures

Gourmet holidays for the weight conscious

Holidays without regrets? “Slim in your sleep” makes it possible: At Hotel Wiesenhof there is a daily menu option with reduced carbohydrates for those who wish to reconcile the pleasures of the palate with their dietary demands.

Gourmet Light

Slim in your holidays? Slim in your sleep!

At Hotel Wiesenhof you can dine according to the “Slim-in-your-sleep” diet, a nutritional concept by the nutritionist Dr. Detlef Pape. It is based on the fact that the human body processes the three primary nutrient groups (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) differently according to the time of day. If we adapt the nutritional makeup of our meals to the natural rhythm of the body, less fat is accumulated. Instead, the body accesses fat reserves, especially at night. Losing weight and staying slim is therefore actually very easy... The “slim-in-your-sleep” dinner menu option at Hotel Wiesenhof consists of tasty, carb-free and protein-rich dishes that are combined with healthy vegetables and salads. Here, more than ever, the principles of Hotel Wiesenhof are set in stone: culinary pleasure above all!

Unique holiday moments in the Wiesenhof.

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