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Vitaform Apple Cosmetics – Energy from South Tyrolean Apples

Spa treatments with exclusive, apple-based cosmetics: wellbeing for your spa holidays

Vitaform apple cosmetics: a product line with natural, carefully sourced ingredients exclusively from South Tyrolean apples, produced in collaboration with dermatologists, naturopaths, and experienced beauticians. Deluxe holidays for your skin!

South Tyrolean Apple-based Cosmetics

Our choice for your wellbeing: Active ingredients of South Tyrolean apples for your skin

“An apple a day” holds especially true when the beneficial properties of the fruit are transferred to emollients, scrubs, bath products, and body masks. The wholesome qualities of the apple are applied to your skin where they unfold all their nourishing potential. Vitaform cosmetics, produced in South Tyrol from local apples, harness the active ingredients of the fruit. Since the pH value of the apple is similar to that of the human skin, it is especially indicated for sensitive skin types. The product line contains, among other things, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E as well as precious enzymes which combine with the pectines to boost cell regeneration. In addition to the natural ingredients from the apple, vitaform cosmetics contain other high quality ingredients such as silk protein and liposomes. The body absorbs natural ingredients better and more easily than synthetic compounds. The result is smooth and silky skin all day long.

Unique holiday moments in the Wiesenhof.

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