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Pure Relaxation at Hotel Wiesenhof Saunas!

Hotel Wiesenhof – the sauna hotel for your spa holidays in Merano

Wellbeing for body and mind: relax, regenerate, and draw new energy… sauna baths stimulate circulation and metabolism and boost the immune system. At Hotel Wiesenhof in Lagundo you have the choice: from gentle to classic, there is a sauna for everybody.

Finnish Sauna (80°C–90°C)

Healthy sweats at low humidity in the classic wooden sauna. By pouring water from a wooden bucket onto hot stones you can increase the humidity and, with it, the heat perception. An individual session should not last longer than 15 minutes.
Afterwards, make sure you cool the body down, ideally with a cold shower. Allow your body some rest before the next session.

The Finnish sauna of the hotel in Lagundo.

Four Seasons Sauna (Biosauna)

Temperature and humidity adapted to the needs of the body according to the different seasons. A sauna session has positive effects on the vegetative nervous system and overall well-being, plus giving a boost to the immune system.

Four Seasons Sauna of the hotel in Lagundo.

Salt Steam Bath (approx. 41°C)

The heat of the steam and the nebulized sea salt create a climate similar to the sea, which is beneficial for the skin and the respiratory tracts. Etheric oils clean and cure your respiratory system and favour the blood circulation of the bronchia.

Salt Steam Bath of the hotel in Lagundo.

Infrared Sauna (30°C–45°C)

Pleasant infrared rays warm the body from inside out, mitigating back pain and boosting circulation.

Infrared Sauna of the hotel in Lagundo.

Special Relaxation Areas

Does a hotel that presents itself as one big relaxation area, still need to point out special relaxation areas?

Yes, when they’re special and offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape from comfortable relaxation loungers.
Yes, when the harmony of colours, forms, light, air, and scent favours inner balance.
Yes, because they have been conceived with perfect relaxation in mind.

Special Relaxation Areas of the hotel in Lagundo.

Unique holiday moments in the Wiesenhof.

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